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To all who love the potion of the gods – wine, we really recommend the visit to some of the Region’s best-known cellars. Our trip will kick off at the DVERI PAX Wine Cellar, which is proud to grow its vines in a nature-friendly way. The grapes are harvested by hand, the berries are gently separated from the stems; the rich knowledge, experience and traditions are then successfully combined with state-of-the art winemaking technologies. The process takes place at the former manor house at Jarenina; in May 2007, the renovation of the 200-year-old building was completed and in June 2007, the door of one of Slovenia’s most modern wine cellars was finally opened to the public. In the adjacent building, Jarenina Manor itself, where Benedictine monks have been making wine since 1139, we will enjoy a pleasant tasting of some wonderful and varied oenological achievements.

We will then continue to Svečina and the wine chateau known as DOPPLER, which is from one side protected by Šentilj Hills, and from the other side, commands a fine view over Pesnica Valley. Upon arrival, you will be able to sense the chateau’s rich history and the tradition of family ties. The richness of the wine, its aromas and flavours, are developed at one of Europe’s most modern wine cellars, which covers and impressive 600 square metres. Wine tasting will conclude the pleasant visit.

We would not want anyone to get tired the noble tipple, so during our drive back towards Maribor, we will stop at a restaurant with a fine tradition and an interesting name: Pri treh ribnikih (‘By the Three Ponds’). In a wonderful setting, we will treat our palates to typical Slovenian dishes. We will then continue towards Meranovo.

MERANOVO is home to the University Winegrowing and Winemaking Centre. In the 19th century, Archduke John was introducing vines from the Rhineland to the region and decided to plant them on hills around Pekre and Limbuš, where in 1822 he bought a farmstead now known as Meranovo. The vineyards became so reputable and well known that a winemaking school was founded at Meranovo in 1832. The school was later complemented by a fund to provide awards to good winegrowers. After a visit to the chateau and some wine tasting, you will also have the opportunity to taste the famous Styrian leg of pork.


PRICE: 115 €


visits to the winemaking places, wine tasting at all three winemakers, and lunch at the traditional inn – Pri treh ribnikih, VAT, organisation of the trip.

Organizer: Kompas d.d.


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