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Hotel Bellevue**** at the upper stop of the cable railway is an ideal starting point for outings on foot or by bike for all ages.
The following destinations are especially attractive:

Lovrenc Bog

lovrenka jezera 1

This area includes twenty-one bog pools lush with dwarf pine and flowers typical of this area such as bog-rosemary, round-leaved sundew, and cranberry. The bog is around 8,000 years old and is the largest raised bog in Slovenia.

Black Lake

crno jezero

This lake lies amid a bed of sparse vegetation on peat moss. Although the water is crystal clear, the lake gives the impression of being filled with black ink.

Šumik Falls and Virgin Forest

lobnica 3

This is part of the Šumik nature reserve along Lobnica Creek, where Big Šumik Falls roars among the rocks and thinning spruces, with white foaming water falling 40 meters. Further down the creek is Little Šumik Falls, where loggers once used flumes to float spruce logs down into the valley.

Old Forest Glassworks

pragozd3 slovenia slovenija maribor pohorje marko petrej

More than a century ago, glassworkers (known as glažarji) lived in the Pohorje Hills. The majority were of Friulian and Italian origin. They made glasses, bottles, and chandeliers, which can still be seen today in some churches around Pohorje. A collection of glass items from the Pohorje glassworks is also displayed at the Maribor Regional Museum.